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EV Sprendimai

JSC “EV Sprendimai” – 2009 based company has chosen renewable energy as its priority.

OUR PURPOSE – a leading, reliable, publicly respected company in the renewable energy market.

OUR VISION – provide customers with impeccable quality services by offering all the latest renewable energy solutions available.
The consultative approach takes into account all available resources, geographical conditions, feasibility of the project and most importantly the goals and wishes of our clients.

JSC “EV Sprendimai” company working in this field for the 10th year – we are professionals in our field, well versed in feasibility studies of solar, wind, water and other energy sources, we constantly follow the solutions offered by the latest technologies, changes in the energy laws of the Republic of Lithuania.

Our customers have the opportunity to choose their most suitable investment option, are introduced with all the innovations in the field of renewable energy.

We represent the client in all public and private institutions, we prepare documentation for system installation in objects and carry out warranty obligations.

EV Sprendimai

We provide the highest quality services

We hire and train only the best specialists and we believe that what makes our company unique and excellent is – our COMPANY EMPLOEES.

From the very first conversations with our sales managers to coordination with our assembly team, you can be sure that every project will be successful due to our team’s experience, dedication and passion.

Whether it is about how solar energy works, costs, installation planning or maintenance, we will take care of everything that means you have one team and one number that you can contact during the project or after the installation of the system.

Satisfaction guaranteed

Someone moves to clean and more affordable energy every minute around the world. We trust our completed work long after we installed the solar system and You turned on the power supply.

Sistemos stebėjimas

24/7 System Monitoring

We are constantly monitoring systems to make sure they are working as they should. If there were any problems, our team would know about it.

Sistemos garantija

System Warranty

Our solar systems are very reliable. It is rarely likely that any problem will arise, in which case we will carry out repairs at no extra cost.

Gamybos garantija

Production warranty

Our systems are the best in this industry market. Your system will provide a certain amount of energy depending on the size of your system.

Highest Quality

We have not only the best specialists, but also the most reliable manufacturers of our systems. This means less worry about quality, productivity, or system durability.

Latest Technology

Be modern only with the best quality of the latest technology. We are proud of continually evaluating and ultimately using only technologies that meet stringent quality, performance, and efficiency standards.

Find out how much you can save by talking to our specialists now!

Every solar energy project starts with a free consultation and offer!

JSC „EV sprendimai“

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+370 602 55527
[email protected]
Taikos g. 4-1, LT-89116 Mazeikiai
8:00 – 18:00

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