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We all use electricity at home. We buy it from the electricity distribution operator ESO and pay the bills every month. Since the solar power plant generates electricity, you do not buy it from ESO when using this produced electricity. This means that you consume less electricity from ESO and reduce your bill. In addition, if you produce more electricity than you consume, you can ‘save’ it on ESO networks with double-sided accounting (Net Metering).

The most important criteria for building a solar power plant is its power. It is very important to choose a power plant with the right power to exploit it as much as possible. In calculating the power of the power plant, the average amount of electricity generated by solar power plants in Lithuania – 1000 kWh / year from a 1 kW power plant – can be used. So if your house consumes 5200 kWh per year, you would need a power plant of 5.2 kW. If you are building a new house and do not know how much electricity you will use, you can email us at [email protected] your future electrical appliances at home and we will help you to calculate not only the future electricity consumption, but also the power of the solar power plant.

The payback period for a solar power plant is 9-15 years. It depends on solar power equipment, roof type, tilt angle and electricity consumption. Using APVA support, the power plant can pay off in 8 years.

Yes, every year the Environmental Project Management Agency of the Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Lithuania (https://www.apva.lt) announces about support for the modernization of individual residential houses for natural persons. Currently, the amount of support is – 323.00 Eur per 1 kW of installed power of the solar power plant (support correspondingly decreases if the house has a registered business area (eliminating the business area from the total area by proportionally reducing support)).

We assist in the preparation and presentation of these documents to APVA.

We cooperate with several manufacturers whose equipment has been tested and qualified.

Modules that we use are by eterbright (Taiwan), Amerisolar (USA). Voltage converters (inverters) – SMA (Germany) or Fronius (Austria).

We assemble installation materials from aluminum, stainless steel, plastic and other materials with a 10 year warranty.

We provide the following guarantees for our power plants:

  • 25-year 80-90% efficiency guarantee modules;
  • We provide a 5 year warranty for the inverter with the possibility to extend up to 20 years;
  • 10 year warranty for the construction (mounting structure);
  • 5 years warranty for installation work.

Double-sided accounting (Net Metering) allows you to transfer the surplus electricity produced by a solar power plant to networks with the possibility to recover the fee set by the VKEKK (National Commission for Energy Control and Prices (NCC)). Accounting year – April 1 to March 31 of next year. In this way, the distribution network acts as an electricity storage device and the user himself avoids the need to install expensive batteries.

From May 2018, you can pay for your stored electricity in 4 ways:

  • paying a fixed fee for kilowatt-hours (kWh) of electricity delivered to the grid and recovered later;
  • paying a fixed fee for installed kilowatt of power generated by the power plant (kW);
  • paying a fraction of the cost per kilowatt-hour and installed power;
  • by transferring part of electricity (kWh) to the ESO network.

The selected payment method can be changed no more than once per calendar year.

More info:

Theoretically, this disconnection is now possible. However, in practice it is very important to know what type of object you want to disconnect. If it is a dwelling house that consumes a lot of electricity in winter, disconnection will be very expensive as it will take a lot of batteries. However, if it is a garden house that is only in the summer or on weekends, it would be enough to have a small battery capacity, which would allow a competitive price. Contact us by email at [email protected] and we will provide you with more detailed information on the best solution for you.

It is not important. The efficiency of the system without the ideal roof is reduced by just a few percent. Usually this means that it is not worth adding additional mounting structures to reach the ideal angle.

In order to build a solar power plant, you should first ascertain how much kW power you have. You can do this by checking your Own Ownership Act signed with ESO, or simply by calling the short ESO number 1802. When building a solar power plant, it is very important that your power is at least as much as your preferred solar power. So if you want to have a 10 kW power plant, you should have an input of 10 kW. If the available power is not enough, you can contact the ESO for an increase.

We also help do these things (preparational work). We do all the following work related to the solar power plant.

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