How does SOLAR ENERGY work?

Net Metering meterElectric panelSolar modulesESO networkInverter


Solar panels generate DC (direct current) electricity directly from the sun


Iverter converts DC electricity generated by solar panels to AC electricity your home and appliances use


Inverter will ensure your home always uses your own solar production first, only accessing additional energy from the grid when your own supply is not enough


Bi–directional meter will monitor and report both the incoming and outgoing electricity


Excess energy is supplied to the ESO network (grid) during the day and taken back in the evening

Solar energy for better life

Lithuanian territory covers an area of 65 200 km². In various areas of Lithuania during the year solar radiation energy to the horizontal surface of the square meter reaches from 926 kWh / m² per year (Biržai) to 1042 kWh / m² per year (Nida). On average in Lithuania, this falling energy amounts to ~ 1000 kWh / m² per year. In this way, 6,54,013 kWh per year are brought into the territory of Lithuania. According to preliminary estimates, a 1 kW solar power plant can produce from 850 kWh per year in the eastern part of Lithuania to 1000 kWh per year in the western part.

Solar panels (also known as solar cell, PV) – one of the most rapidly developing energy types in the world today, can have tremendous influence on the planet’s power supply in the medium and long term. The production of such energy provides the opportunity to create a quality, comfortable life and invest reliably.

Solar power plant installation

The solar power plant can be built on both the roof of the building and on the ground. Photovoltaic modules can be installed instead of roofing or on the walls of buildings instead of finishing materials.

It is best to provide all technological equipment when preparing to build a house: then the most suitable roof angle for production is installed, the whole project is designed so that nothing is blocking the photovoltaic modules. To satisfy your needs, it is enough to install a 4-5 kW power plant that will produce 3800-5000 kWh of electricity per year.

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